一緒に「落書き」してみませんか? Would you like to ‘doodle’ with us?

 Dreamtime Graffiti(以下DG)では、一緒にサイトを盛り上げてくれる方を常時募集しております。

Dreamtime Graffiti (hereafter referred to as DG) is always looking for people to work together to make the site successful.

募集要項 Recruitment requirements


DG is looking for people to join us in documenting the present moment of living in Australia by developing articles in the form of text, photos and videos, to make life in Australia more exciting. We would love to have people who enjoy being in Australia, who want to share with those who are preparing to study abroad now the difficulties of studying abroad and living there, and how to get through it while having fun, to join us in making it all happen.

条  件 Requirements


 I. (i) Be enrolled at a school in Australia. This can be postgraduate, university, language school, TAFE, primary or secondary school. Kindergarten students are also acceptable, as long as they can take photographs.


 II. If you are employed in Australia, you are also welcome if you have graduated from an Australian school.


 III. Those who wish to express themselves in some form. And those who have strong Japanese compositional skills. Furthermore, you must be able to contribute at least one piece of work every week (video is not limited to this).


 VI. We also welcome those who have used various school schemes, e.g. scholarships, grants, external scholarships or internship schemes, and have good know-how of school life. Other people who have used various shops (shopping, eating, etc.) in Australia are also welcome.


  V. Those who use several chat applications are reliable in their responses. Those who contribute videos are familiar with video software.

応募方法 How to apply


 Please send the following by e-mail.


 I. CV with photo (WORD file or PDF file, don’t forget contact details)


 II. One sample article (photo in line with the theme required) For videos, please upload to YouTube and send us the link. 

 上記を までお送り下さい。

 Send the above to

選考方法 Selection process

 ①書類選考 上記の書類をお届け頂いた方の中から、DGのスタイルにあっていると思われる方を選び、連絡を差し上げます。

 I. Screening of documents: We will select and contact those who we believe fit DG’s style from those who have sent in the above documents.

 ②面  接 跡見と田村によるZOOM面接を行います。

II. Interviews: ZOOM interviews will be conducted by Atomi and Tamura.

 ③参  加 寄稿権を設定し、投稿を始めて頂きます。

III. Participation: You will be invited to be our reporter with editorial access privilege and start contributing.



 We are not a for-profit organisation, so there is essentially no remuneration. We only occasionally organise dinner parties at Atomi’s own expense. The day we start to generate revenue, we will think positively about sharing the earnings according to each person’s contribution. Blog.

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