Our members live in cities across Australia and will provide you with information about studying in Australia, with a focus on local news.

We currently deliver from Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Japan and will gradually work to recruit people in other cities, such as Melbourne.

◯シドニーエリア  Sydney Area 悉尼专区

ジュン(Jun) 休止中 Jun

While gaining experience as a working adult in Japan, she decided to study abroad. However, she was dismayed by her lack of English conversation skills and decided to take the plunge and study language in Cebu. She then went to the US for six months and is now a student at a college in Sydney.

Her major is graphic design, and her goal is to become a web designer. Hobbies include watching films and musicals.
她的专业是平面设计。 目标是成为一名网页设计师。 爱好包括观看电影和音乐剧。

◯ゴールドコーストエリア The Gold Coast Area 黄金海岸专区

田村 マナ (Mana Tamura) ビデオ版ナビゲーター Video program navigator

She graduated from high school general studies; in 2019, she enrolled in a university on the Gold Coast on her own, graduating successfully in 2022. She continues to stay on the Gold Coast while continuing her corporate internship on a graduate visa.

Her university major is business administration. Hobbies include eating and cooking.
本科年代的专业是工商管理。 爱好包括饮食和烹饪。



A third-year university student (at the time of participation) who had been sent as an exchange student from a Japanese university. She has completed her studies at Griffith University and returned to Japan. She will graduate from university in 2023.
从日本一所大学派来的交换生,在参与DG时读大三。 她已完成在格里菲斯大学的学习,现已回国。 她将于2023年从大学毕业,走上社会。 

◯アデレードエリア Arelaide Area 阿德莱德专区


She studied at Bond University on the Gold Coast shortly after graduating high school in China. She later took a leap of faith and transferred to the University of Adelaide to start a new path.
在中国读完高中后直接来到邦德大学学习的大学生。 第二年的时候,她抱着试试看的态度转到了阿德莱德大学的不同专业学习,走上了新的人生道路。

Her hobbies include learning Japanese and photography.

Submissions on this website are in Chinese (published simultaneously with the Japanese version of the Atomi translation).

◯オンラインゴールドコースト Online 在线学习专区

跡見 賢仁(Ken Atomi MA PhD)本サイト管理人

He graduated from a university in Japan and went to work there. He then spent 24 years in China, completing master’s and doctoral studies in the country, before engaging in writing and translation work and teaching radio Chinese language courses.
他在日本读完大学后工作了一段时间, 之后在中国呆了24年。他在那里完成了硕士、博士课程,并从事创作和翻译。他也曾担任广播中文课程的讲师。

He has studied languages and specialised subjects for many years in the language teaching departments, faculties and graduate schools of universities in Japan and abroad, as well as in private language teaching institutions abroad, and has actually attended classes for more than one semester at 11 “alma mater” schools (3 Japanese, 4 Chinese, 3 Australian and 1 Korean) with university status alone. While many critics simply say that they have visited a hundred university campuses, he has experienced the quality of education and services at his own expense and has raised issues from the perspective of a Japanese student, and has also been appointed as a member of the graduate school steering committee (graduate student representative) at his university.
他在日本和国外的大学语言教学系、院系和研究生院,以及国外的私人语言教学机构学习了多年的语言和专业科目,实际上课超过一个学期的 “母校 “有11所(日本3所、中国4所、澳洲3所和韩国1所,这些院校均具有大学资质。 许多所谓“教育评论家”只是说他们参观过几百个大学校园,而他却自费“品尝”了每一所教育质量和服务,并从一个日本学生的角度提出不同的问题与校方展开过讨论之外,还被任命为所在大学的院务委员会成员(作为研究生代表)。

He has learnt Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean, English, Cebuano and other languages. Although he can use only Chinese to the same extent as Japanese, he is impatient that his ability to express himself in English and other languages is not entirely up to scratch.

He went to Australia in 2019 but was affected by the coronavirus outbreak in January 2021 and returned home urgently under cyber-fraudulent demands from USC. Upon his return, he was informed of the dismantling of his major’s parent organisation. At the same time, he could not return to Australia as Australia continued to impose immigration restrictions, resulting in him continuing his postgraduate master’s degree online in Australia. His major is cybersecurity.
他于2019年前往澳大利亚,但因受到新冠疫情爆发的影响,同一时间在阳光海岸大学的欺诈性要求下在2021年1月初紧急回国。 回国后,他被告知所报考专业的院系已经解体,并由于澳大利亚继续限制其入境,他无法返回澳大利亚,面临了进退两难的境地。他最后只得选择远程手段继续攻读研究生课程。 他目前的专业是网络安全。

His hobbies include photography and videography, and from 2021 he will also start tutoring Chinese and Japanese using ZOOM, entering a virtual work-and-life situation where almost everything is completed online.

JAOS accredited study abroad adviser & QEAC.

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